Whitney Winds Private Home Rental
3 Bedrooms
Sleeps 10, Beds for 8-10

“Whitney Winds” located a drive from Boston, but definitely is a step back in time. After your ferry ride to the island you are surrounded by a natural 50 acres of waterfront property. The home itself has all the latest amenities, but the surroundings are the true prize. A small town atmosphere allows you to truly unwind and relax, surround yourself with family & friends or peace and solitude.

Spend your vacation in a private home in Maine, United States

“Whitney Winds” can truly be a walk back in time. You will begin relaxing during your ferry ride to Vinalhaven, a small village populated with visitors and year round residents such as lobster fisherman, carpenters, and artists or supporting the small community.

Whitney Winds has been my family home and I am happy to open it to visitors to experience the healing that can happen when you are so close to nature. From hiking to mountain biking to kayaking, this is where you go to get away from it all. Read More

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    Whitney Winds Private Home with 4 bedrooms overlooking Ayres Cove

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    Hiking, kayaking, bird watching and many more...

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